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Wedding Cover band in Israel

Planning a wedding in Israel requires a great deal of
organizing, calling different vendors and hoping they turn
out to be your perfect choice.
All the different options can be quite confusing, in that pool
of cover band in Israel we like to see ourselves as the safe
choice for our overseas couples.

If you’re in to the music of the sixties and seventies,
choosing a band for your Jewish wedding in Israel can be
fun and easy as we have the best songs on our song list
and we are always ready to rock and roll.
For your older audience as well as your younger friends
and family, Déjà vu Band makes sure everyone will be on
the dance floor, ready to jive!
Our aim is to make sure you get your dream wedding in
Israel with the help of the amazing music of the sixties and

We love seeing all ages and generation twist, sway and
jump while we play our favorite tunes.
We believe the power of that twist and shout magic is still
alive and kicking, our show takes the wedding party to a
different level of fun and celebration.

Due to our vast experience over the years, we are happy
to help and recommend other amazing professionals in
the wedding industry in Israel, together we can create a
dream team to suit your personality and your vision.

But still, how can you be sure Déjà vu is the right band for

These days it’s so easy to communicate, a long WhatsApp
call, a video on skype and an informative email and you
can be confident you have all the info you need to make a
good decision.
So feel free to contact us for a perfect rock and roll


להקת דה ז׳ה וו מקלה על העבודה מרחוק, ניסיון ואהבה לחתונות ואירועים בישראל הפכו אותנו למבינים בפרטים הקטנים. אנו נדע לשאול את השאלות הנכונות ולהציע את השירות האדיב, האיכותי והמקצועי ביותר.

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