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Getting married? what a better place to do it then Israel? 

 Rockn'roll celebration

And if you have decided on a venue, now it’s time to start looking for the perfect wedding band for you!


Israel with all it’s glory presents very talented musicians of all genres and styles.

Klezmer, swing, 60’s 70’s, groove, New Orleans jazz, oriental and many more bands wait for you a click away.


You’ll be able to find all the bands websites and contact them via email or telephone while planning your wedding from home.


Make sure you have all your questions ready, for example-

Can the band play Israeli dancing?

Do they have a good DJ they work with regularly?

How many people are in the band?

Can they play traditional Jewish music?

Do they have any valid recommendations?

Do they speak fluent English?

and many more…


You should probably speak to your wedding coordinator or venue manager first to ask if it’s at all possible to have a band play, some places in Israel have some restrictions.


Different from the US and UK, most wedding bands in Israel do not play throughout the whole event.


They will either play reception or dance floor but not both.

Keep in mind you might want to hire a good DJ as well because in Israel your guests will be dancing the night away.


Love music? Great! Make sure you find a band that plays the music that is most close to your heart and your families' expectations, because, as we all know, they will have an opinion.

If you found a band you liked it’s best to just give them a call and see if you have a nice connection. You want to feel that you can trust them since you are handling things from abroad.

Also, make sure both sides (you and the band) sign a formal work agreement.


Now, it’s time to go find yourself some comfortable dancing shoes and get married!

וקצת בעברית- להקת דז׳ה וו הנה להקת אירועים, אנחנו מנגנים בחתונות, אירועים עסקיים, ימי הולדת וכל אירוע משמח שמחפש מוזיקה טובה, איכותית ונצחית.


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